Friday, March 20, 2009

More F1 Promo Pics Coming Soon!

We've been working on a few more promo pics for tomorrow's Force One show here in EHT. I'll be posting them after the weekend.

In the meantime, here's a happy springtime photo of Baby Man meeting the mini Easter Bunny for the first time. We'll use this to celebrate the first day of spring, despite the snow we had this morning!

In other news we've both been working on our portfolios and E's is pretty well set. In fact he went on a "cold call" to our local baseball team to see about taking photos for them. They were very happy he stopped in and will most likely be using him for all sorts of things. Meanwhile I started printing my own portfolio sheets but of course I'm not happy with them (since mine are a little more involved than just printing one photo per page) so I will probably be redoing a few. Thankfully I didn't get too far. Once mine is done I'm going to start approaching local photographers to see if anyone needs any outside photoshop freelancers. I also do need to find a good (and cheap, if not free!) online portfolio site. At least in the meantime until I can get a real website done for us. Stay tuned - you never know when Calais Photography will finally have its own website!

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