Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Blog

In an effort to follow through with my main 2009 resolution to SIMPLIFY as many aspects of life as I can, I have created this new blog.  Yes, I know, how does creating another new blog simplify things?  Here's how:  everything will be posted here, save my Wilton teaching info - that will be the only blog to remain separate.  So, any daily challenge I give myself, anything about life in general, art, work, etc will all be written about here.  No more blu tatsu here, life there, art everyday somewhere else.  It will all be here!  I'm still deciding whether to combine all previous posts on the other blogs here or just start fresh here.  If I don't combine them all I may leave them up and dormant, or export them to my computer and keep them in my own archives.

So,  here I go - time to simplify as much as possible!

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