Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing In Action

My has it been a long time! You can tell things got rather busy around here, can't you? It all really started with baby man's birthday party invitations. Once those were done we moved into planning the party, then making the cake (which I think took about four days), then the party itself. Add on top of that a trip to Long Island, a weekend in Edison and Staten Island, a couple of visits to Monmouth Park, and mix in baby man music classes and trips to the park and the indoor playground at the mall and we've been busy! Of course that also takes into account the days of exhaustion surrounding all that activity.

The summer is going quickly, and while that's a good thing, I'm getting a bit stressed about being ready for the new baby. Our plan is to move things around in the basement (almost done) and then move my office to the basement (not started), then move E's office to my office (not started) and make E's office the new baby's room. And it hit me that this week we're 32 weeks along! That means 8 weeks left, if we go to term (which I don't expect to... just a gut feeling). Now it all would be a bit easier if baby man wasn't so clingy these days, but he just won't let us out of his sight, and even when we're still in his sight he needs to be in the same room. So he will stand and cry at the gate to my office. So the logical step would be to do things during nap time, right? Yeah, it would be if nap time happened regularly, lol. But sometimes nap time will only take place in the car, or (more likely these days) Mommy and baby man take a nap together. So that leaves night time, when he's in bed. Again that would work if he went to bed before 10pm and we weren't wiped out by the time he's asleep! Lol - it's all a challenge these days. Today was a huge exception to the rule - Baby Man fell asleep in my lap at 7:45 and didn't take too much prodding to fall back asleep when I got him up to his crib. Of course that was because his only nap of the day was about 45 minutes long, if that. I can't say what the night will bring because usually the night after a fairly nap-free day isn't usually a restful one.

Anywho, that's the very quick update in a nutshell of where I've been! Not much crafting has been taking place, in fact the last thing I created was the thank you card for Baby Man's birthday presents. All of which are still sitting, waiting to be written. Terrible, I know. I feel awful about it and will be working on them tonight as soon as I get off the computer. But I did feel the need to jump at the chance to have some computer time while Baby Man sleeps and E is out at wrestling. (Speaking of E - he just got home.)

So let's get to the good stuff.... some highlight pictures of the past few months! (Pictures to be added shortly)

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