Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Man's 1st Birthday Invitations

I've been working on baby man's birthday invitations for about two weeks, off and on. Mom has been helping a lot - thanks to her everything was cut on the Cricut and then run through the Xyron X Sticker Maker. (Yesterday she helped consolidate my address books into one and started typing up the address labels for me - a huge help!) They cards are really cute and coming out exactly how I pictured them. That doesn't happen often! Here's my workspace in the dining room. This way I can keep an eye on baby man while he plays in the living room and keep working at the same time.

And now a sneak preview of the sample I made initially of the card... the finished work is a little different... you'll have to wait for the final in a few days!

I do hope to get them out in the mail on Monday. It'll all depend on how much I can get printed today to take with me for my weekend of cake decorating with the girls in upstate NY!

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